Kate Cusack is a Brooklyn-born artist whose creativity stems from a background in art and theatrical design. Kate earned her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA in costume design from the Yale School of Drama.

Kate's artistic experiences culminate in her innovative, elegant Zipper Jewelry. She was initially inspired by the humble zipper in 2001, and created the first zipper flower pin shortly thereafter. To most designers, the zipper is a device intended simply to function. It is often looked down upon as a utilitarian fastener and not a feature. Kate notes, “Because the zipper’s metal teeth are attached to a fabric edge, it is a material that is both rigid and flexible. I enjoy the contrast between the zipper’s harsh metal teeth and the fluid, whimsical shapes that I can create with it.” Kate is the original Zipper Jewelry designer and her innovative Zipper Jewelry designs are unique sculptural creations.

Kate’s elegant Zipper Jewelry reminds us about the power of imagination and the joy of discovering the beauty in something that we encounter every day. “There is an exciting “a-ha” moment when someone realizes that there is more to my creation than they initially expected.”

In addition to her innovative, elegant Zipper Jewelry, Kate is also known for creating custom headdresses and sculptural/wearable costumes for window display, performance and installation. Notable clients include Tiffany & Company, Nordstrom and Fred Leighton. Kate especially enjoys creating specialty wigs, hats and hair-art from ordinary materials like paper or plastic wrap.

All of her creations—from Zipper Jewelry to custom costume design—relates to the body, combining theatrical influences and her love for the transformation of ordinary materials into pieces of exceptional art.

Kate’s Zipper Jewelry has been featured in numerous fashion and design magazines in America and internationally. Her Zipper Jewelry is exhibited in galleries and boutiques across America and is included in many private collections.

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