Zipper Necklaces

The zipper is a device designed simply to function but Kate shows us that the zipper is more than a fastener. Instead, it is flaunted in kaleidoscope patterns that spiral in unexpectedly playful directions. The fastener becomes the feature.

Each Zipper Necklace is unique and hand-sewn by Kate and features her signature inscribed on the metal clasp. Variations on certain styles are occasionally repeated, but, in general, no two necklaces are identical. Each Zipper Necklace is copyrighted.

Retail prices range from $750 to $2500 according to complexity and design.

Current Zipper Necklaces can be purchased in selected galleries across the United States. Custom designs, based on style and price, are also possible—please contact Kate directly.

Shown at right is a showcase selection of Zipper Necklaces. Many of the necklaces shown here are no longer available for purchase. Please contact Kate directly to learn about the most current designs.

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